UpStone has a large market share by serving 4 factories.
We offer you the most affordable price

UpStone offers its various products in 5 main categories.
Our products include travertine, granite, marble, crystal and marble

UpStone carefully manufactures luxury building stone.
We offer it to our customers all over the world

Upstone is the leading exporter

We are one of the leading industrial groups in the stone industry with 2 slab production factories and 2 tile production factories.
The monthly production of these factories is about 5000 meters of natural stone.
We are able to supply stone for large domestic and foreign projects.
Given this volume of production, quality and export potential, this complex has made a huge leap to conquer global markets.

Build Your Dreams with Our

Stone is one of the first building materials used by humans in different eras. This natural material has undergone many changes. but, today it is used as a solid and luxury construction product.

Undoubtedly, all of you are well acquainted with monuments such as the three pyramids of Egypt, Persepolis and the Temple of Zeus.

It is safe to say that there are two main reasons for the survival of this building.
First, the rich civilization and culture of that country, which have treated this building with respect. Second, the principled use of quality building stones that still retain their appearance after many years.

In today’s building stone industry, stones can be used in different places due to the special processing that is done on them by factories.

Our industrial group has placed its products in more than 20 main products. Each of these products is produced in different dimensions and sizes and special processing. This variety of products is included in your product portfolio so that you dear ones can make your choice in the best possible way and with ease.