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Artificial stone or natural stone?

Artificial stone or natural stone?

It can be boldly said that stone is one of the most widely used and superior materials used in construction. Stones have always been used in construction since ancient times due to their variety and strength. With the development of societies and the widespread use of this product, human beings were able to make a similar example of it.

In this article, we are going to compare natural stone and artificial stone so that you can make a better choice.

natural stone:

Natural rocks are divided into three categories: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. Igneous rocks are formed by the cooling of magma or molten material. If magmas cool on the surface, rocks like basalt are formed, and if they cool inside, the rocks are called granite.

Sedimentary rocks have formed from the stacking of other rocks layer by layer over many years. Examples of these rocks are limestone and sandstone.

Metamorphic rocks are sedimentary rocks or igneous rocks that have changed under the influence of pressure, heat, atmospheric factors and.. onyx Marble is one of these natural stones.

In general, if we want to introduce the properties of natural stones, we can mention the following:

Variety and beauty
Compressive and flexural strength
Abrasion Resistance
Heat resistance
Frost resistance

Percentage of water absorption
These properties vary depending on the type of rock and do not have a fixed value in natural rocks.

Artificial Stone:

Artificial stones have been created to meet the needs of the masses for stone. The makers of this type of stone tried to create similar or superior properties to natural stones.

Artificial stones are obtained by recombining natural stones or other additives such as cement and polymer additives. By adding iron oxide pigments to the materials of these stones, different colors can be created.

Artificial stone or natural stone? - Artificial stone or natural stone?
Artificial stone or natural stone? - Artificial stone or natural stone?

Features of artificial stones are:

They are lighter than natural stones.
Their water absorption capacity is very low.
No restrictions on production dimensions
Proper strength
High diversity
Easy installation

Comparison of natural stone and artificial stone:

In appearance, artificial stones never look as beautiful and natural as natural stones.
The durability and longevity of natural stone is greater.
Natural stone is more resistant to weathering, so it is better to use it for building facades.
Artificial stone weighs less than natural stone, so it is easier to install.
Water absorption resistance is higher in artificial stones (granite and travertine have higher water absorption than artificial stones.)
Artificial stones are more difficult to maintain than natural stones.
Artificial stones lose a lot of heat when the air is cold.
Artificial stones cause less damage due to their low weight and high resistance to earthquakes.

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