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Crystal Stone

Crystal Stone

Crystal or porcelain rock is a sedimentary rock that is mainly composed of calcium carbonate (calcite) or two calcium and magnesium carbonates (dolomite). It is usually composed of small fossils, shell fragments and other fossilized remains. These fossils are often visible on the surface of the rock with the naked eye. But this is not always the case. Some types of crystal stones have very fine grains. Limestone deposits can change during important geological events, leading to recrystallization and marble formation. This is why calculating and identifying limestone is relatively difficult for non-specialists.

Color: Limestone is usually white or gray, but may also be black and ashy , yellow or brown. This stone is soft and easily scratched.

The use of this stone has been common in Iran for many years. Especially in the southern regions of the country and tropical regions due to its light color that protected the facade of the building from heat.

But today, travertine stone has more market share due to the great variety of designs and colors, and crystal stones are less used in the exterior. One of the reasons for the decrease in demand is the lack of color diversity and the other is the climatic conditions that are less desirable for crystal stones. These conditions include the following:

Features of crystal stone

It is usually light in color with gray and ashy streaks. Of course, there are also dark colors.

Low heat absorption due to having a light color

The stone is soft and brittle and has little porosity

It has the ability to pass light

Good impact and pressure resistance

Fairly good abrasion resistance

Types of crystal stones

Light and dark crystals of Aligudarz, Azna, Saiman, Neyriz, Sirjan, Boroujerd, Qorveh

The best parts of the building to use crystal stone

This stone can be installed on the outside as well as inside the building. But as mentioned before, it is better not to use it for the exterior and use travertine stones instead. But they are a great option for the interior. The best parts of the building to use this stone include rough items:

Floors and walls of the hall

Kitchen counter

Interior stairs of the building

Luxury bathrooms and toilets

The most famous crystal stones

Crystal Stone - Crystal Stone
Sayman Crystal
Crystal Stone - Crystal Stone
Aligudarz Dark Crystal
Crystal Stone - Crystal Stone
Aligudarz Crystal Stone
Crystal Stone - Crystal Stone
Persian Crystal
Azna Crystalline Marble
Azna Crystal
Crystal Stone - Crystal Stone
Ghorve Crystal

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