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Granite Stone

Granite is a common type of igneous rock that has a granular texture. Depending on the minerals in it, it can be mostly white, gray, pink or ashy . Of course, there are also dark colors of this stone. Granite is derived from the Latin word granum, which means grain. Strictly speaking, granite is an igneous rock with a volume between 20 to 60% quartz and at least 35% feldspar composed of alkaline feldspar.

Quartz is abundant in igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. This material is very resistant to mechanical and chemical weathering. This high durability has made it the predominant mineral of mountains and beach sand, river and desert. Feldspar also makes up more than half of the Earth’s core by weight. It contains calcium, potassium and sodium. Its minerals are found to some extent in igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks.

The most famous igneous rock

Granite is the best known igneous rock. Many people know granite because it is the most common igneous rock on the earth’s surface, and granite is used to make many of the objects we encounter in our daily lives. These include countertops, floor tiles, paving, staircases, street flooring, kitchen countertops, and more.

you can see some of the most famous granite stones below:

Granite stone - Granite
White Granite
Granite stone - Granite
Turquoise Granite
Granite stone - Granite
Natanz Black Granite
Granite stone - Granite
Cotton Flower Granite
Granite stone - Granite
Gray Granite
Granite stone - Granite
Forest Green Granite
Granite stone - Granite
Black Granite
Granite stone - Granite
Green Seeds Granite

Features and uses of granite:

The hardness of granite is undoubtedly one of the greatest assets of this natural stone.

Granite is sufficiently resistant to abrasion, so it is a very suitable option for stairs. It is strong enough to support a considerable weight, so it is definitely the best choice for the floor of busy halls and stairs of public centers. It can be the best choice for kitchen tables due to its high resistance to heat and scratches, and of course its polished and shiny surface. Other positive properties of granite include its good resistance to soil, which makes it easy to use for outdoor spaces.


Iran Granite Mines:

Iran is a rich country in terms of stone quarries. Because different types of it can be extracted from mines in different cities. Granite is one of the stones that has several mines in our country, the most famous of which are located in the following cities:

Zahedan, Nehbandan, Birjand, Mashhad, Hamedan, Yazd and Zanjan.

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