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Granite is the best stone for the bathroom

Granite is the best stone for the bathroom

Granite is the best stone for the bathroom

Granite has become very popular in recent years because it is a completely natural, timeless, luxurious and functional stone that is very popular today. If you are looking to use stone in the bathroom, there are different stones such as marble, marble and crystal, but there are several reasons why granite is most suitable for the bathroom.

Is granite good for the bathroom?

Granite is very durable, scratch and stain resistant and easy to clean. So great for humid environments like bathrooms. So it’s no surprise that granite baths have become so popular. But with the salient advantages, you must know some of the disadvantages as well.

Of course, white granites that contain iron contain rust if used in the bathroom. So in all the articles before, we mean granite, all of them except some white colors.

Benefits of Granite Baths

Granite is the best stone for the bathroom. but why?!

It is waterproof

Water and moisture in the bathroom can lead to dandruff, rotten walls and other problems. But granite is waterproof. This means that water vapor in the air and water splashing can not penetrate the granite stones in the bath. One thing is for sure, choosing a material that can not absorb water is the easiest way to keep your bathroom clean and fresh and prevent further damage to your home.

Easy to clean

Non-porosity is a prominent feature of granite, meaning that water, soil, bacteria and soap are not absorbed by the rock. They are just on the surface. This means that your stone surfaces are always hygienic and easy to clean. If you install granite in the bathroom, you will find that all you have to do is clean the granite tiles of your desk or bathroom with a mild cloth and cloth or soap and water. Just as easily.!

It is important to note that granite is very slippery when wet. Because it does not absorb water and water is only placed on its surface. Therefore, it is important to observe precautions when using bathroom granite tiles for flooring.

Granite bath tiles and slabs

When deciding to have a granite bathroom, it is best to cover some of the walls with large slabs and the other walls and floor with smaller tiles to enhance the beauty. Also use thicker slabs for the counter that require more resistance.

It is very durable

Granite is one of the hardest materials in nature and it is very difficult to damage it. It does not stain easily, it even resists hair dye and many other cosmetic chemicals. It is also strange to crush or break with granite tiles. This strength and resistance of granite and no damage is especially important for the counter inside the bathroom.

It lasts for decades

Granite, used as a building material in busy areas such as floors and yards, has a shelf life of centuries. We can not say for sure about your home bathroom, but we can say for sure that a granite bathroom with proper care can last for decades. If you take care of the granite, it will look beautiful just like the first day.

It is a beautiful natural stone

Our last reason for choosing granite is its extraordinary beauty. Granite is a stunning natural stone. Each plate is unique because it is formed deep in the earth’s crust by thousands of years due to high pressure and heat. As a result, each granite quarry has unique characteristics and no two plates are the same. By choosing granite for a lifetime, you will enjoy a beautiful bathroom, toilet and toilet. An amazing natural product that will be with you for many years to come. Finally, we would like to mention that according to the physical characteristics and parameters, granite is the best stone for the bathroom.

Granite Suppliers

Fortunately, our beloved country Iran has many granite mines. From forest green granite to white, gray and unique turquoise of Mashhad. These mines in different parts of the country are extracting granite stones every day and sending them to domestic and foreign factories. Upstone Trading Group has a very high variety of this wonderful product. Upstone has been able to have an acceptable share of domestic and foreign markets by producing the highest quality granite boards and slabs.

The granites available in the Upstone factory include white, gray, turquoise, pomegranate seeds, black from Natanz and Boroujerd, forest green, cotton flowers, oranges and sagebrush.

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