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Grouping of granite types based on color

Grouping of granite types based on color

Granite has a high strength and the choice of color and model depends on your taste and design of the building. If you are looking for high strength and beauty of a stone, we recommend granite.

This stone has a turquoise blue with golden and brown streaks. Turquoise granite is one of the most beautiful and unique building stones in the world, which due to its beautiful turquoise blue color, conveys a special peace to you. The mine of this stone is located in Mashhad (around the border city of Shousaf). Be. The material of this stone is between marble and granite, but because it is closer to granite, it is called turquoise granite.

The stone is dark green to black with red seeds similar to pomegranate seeds. Pomegranate seed granite has very low porosity and very high compressive strength.

This stone mine is located in South Khorasan province, near Birjand city, hence it is also called Birjand pomegranate seed granite.

Gray granite is a dark and light gray color, which can be seen in its color combination: white, black and gray. The surface of this stone is shiny and polished and is very similar to white granite.


Its low water absorption and high resistance allow you to use it in all indoor and outdoor spaces.


As the name implies, this stone is black. There are different types of this stone that are slightly different in appearance. This difference is related to their different mines, such as: Natanz black granite, which is extracted from Natanz mine in one of the cities of Isfahan province, and its appearance is black with white grains.  black granite that is extracted from Boroujerd mine and its appearance is black with white lines.

It is a beautiful white stone with black and gray beads. Its surface is polished and has high resistance and low water absorption. This stone can be used for floors, bathrooms, stairs and all interior and exterior parts of the building.

Forest green granite is also known as court green granite and watercolor granite. This stone, as its name implies, is green, like a beautiful and glorious forest.

Its processing method is classified into glossy polished and polished -leather methods. Each of these two methods gives the stone a stunning beauty.

Cotton flower granite is very similar in appearance to white granite and you may confuse the two stones. The only difference between the two stones is the number and size of grains on it, which in cottonseed granite is slightly larger, coarser and like cotton.

Orange granite with a peach color theme with black flowers is scattered on the surface of the stone. Orange granite has high compressive strength and low porosity. For this reason, it can be used safely in busy places and places that are in contact with moisture.

Khorramdareh granite alone is divided into three categories in terms of color. Which includes: Chocolate Khorramdarreh, Golden Khorramdarreh and Shellfish. This stone has a pore inside that is filled with resin. It is processed in the form of grinded, filmed, cubic and stone table.

This stone is very resistant to cold, heat, impact and pressure and is one of the most suitable options for use in paving, interior and exterior of the building.

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