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How many types of building stones? are there

How many types of building stones are there?

Building stones have a wide range of colors. In addition to the different colors available, differences in the patterns of streaks and patterns on the surface of natural stones distinguish them from each other. This variety in color and design has made it possible to use them for any type of interior decoration or exterior. Regardless of the type of installation, natural stones definitely have a great visual impact on the space.


Heavenly and dazzling appearance. It is the best sentence that can briefly describe this stone. You can not see the marble and take your eyes off it. The stunning beauty of this stone takes the intelligence out of the human head. A combination of elegance, beauty, strength and durability

 Marble is one of the most beautiful and resistant stones, which fortunately has many mines in our country. Marble has a high resistance to water and heat penetration. It is also very resistant to pressure, scratches and chemicals. Because of these features, this stone can be used in all parts of the building.

Applications of marble: interior stairs, toilets, hall floors, walls, kitchen and making stone artifacts

Marble has a very high variety and very beautiful colors and designs can be seen in it. The most beautiful and of course the most famous marbles include: white, green, wavy, Nescafe, pink, yellow and blue marble. Each of these stones alone can change the look of any building

stone - How many types of building stones? are there

Granite is an igneous rock formed by the slow crystallization of magma (molten material inside the earth) below the earth’s surface. Granite is mainly composed of quartz and feldspar with small amounts of mica, amphibole and other minerals

Many people know granite as the most common igneous rock on the earth’s surface due to its widespread use. Granite is widely used in the construction industry, urban spaces and passages, shops, as well as stone objects and elements. Granite can be used as a kitchen counter, floor tiles, paving, stairs, building facades and many more. Basically, if you live in the city, you have seen a lot of granite

The proportion of minerals present in the cooled molten rock has a direct effect on the color of the granite. As it creates different colors and designs

There are different types of granite. Including: turquoise, white, pomegranate seeds, gray, black, pink, green, blue, red and cotton flowers

stone - How many types of building stones? are there

Travertine offers a great variety of natural colors. Colors include beige, brown, gray, and even matte and glossy ashy  and silver. This variety of color options is a huge advantage in the design world. Designers and decorators use this special stone a lot these days. One of the reasons is that no two projects will be alike. Travertine has many mines in our beloved country Iran. For this reason, different types of this stone are available in the market.

Travertine stone processing:

Travertine is processed in a variety of ways, including polished (glossy and light-reflecting), hond (smooth and matte), brush (rustic-like, rustic) and tumble (soft-edged) edges. You can choose one of them according to your taste as well as the type of use of the stone

stone - How many types of building stones? are there

Marble rocks are formed by the transformation of limestone. Its structure consists of calcite, dolomite calcium carbonate and crystals. Due to the presence of different minerals in it, it is found in different colors in nature. Usually, no porosity is seen in the marble behind it and it has a smooth and uniform surface

Numerous advantages of this stone include high resistance to heat and high density, unparalleled beauty, highpolished ability  and great variety in design and color. Disadvantages include vulnerability to acidic materials and relatively low resistance to impact and scratches. According to the advantages and disadvantages mentioned, the best use can be the interior of the building, especially the floor and walls in Tiles or slabs, kitchen counters, bathrooms and luxury toilets as well as stairs

There are different types of marble. Among the most well-known of them are the following: pitra gray  Marble, Golden Black,Nero Marquina, Dehbid, Brown, Marshall, Persian Silk , Golden Galaxy, Cappuccino

stone - How many types of building stones? are there

It can be said that crystal is the same marble that crystallizes again due to a series of interactions that occur due to pressure and heat and forms large crystals. These larger crystals, which are also visible to the naked eye, are the distinguishing feature of crystal and marble. This stone often has a white and gray color spectrum. But if it contains carbonaceous material, it will have a darker color

The light color of this stone is very suitable for the exterior of the building. Because in addition to beauty, it has a very good resistance to sunlight and does not fade. Crystal rock has high abrasion resistance and very low water absorption. These factors have made it easy to use it both externally and indoors. Stairs, indoor paving, kitchen counters, bathrooms and toilets are very suitable spaces for using crystal

There are different types of crystal stones, the most famous of which are Azna crystal, dark crystal and light crystal of Aligudarz, ghorveh, Persian Skato, Sirjan, Libid and Mashhad ice flower

stone - How many types of building stones? are there

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