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Iranian black stones

Iranian black stones

Black stones are a symbol of power, beauty and luxury. The use of this color in any space makes the place special and elegant. Black stones can be used for formal places. This stone is like neutral white stones and can be combined with any other color of stone and give the space a double beauty. If your space is small, it is better not to use black for floors and walls because it will make your space smaller.

In this article, we try to introduce some of the known black stones in the Iranian market and their characteristics. This way, whenever you need to buy a stone, you can choose the stone you want according to your required use.

Pietra gray marble is one of the most widely used marble stones. This stone with its black background and white streaks has a beautiful eye. In addition to its beauty, Pietra gray also has an extraordinary durability, which has led to its widespread use in outdoor spaces. This stone is processed in two modes of tiles and slabs, each of which is used in a specific space. You can add a reasonable price to all the positive features of this stone to think more about using this stone in your spaces.

It can be boldly said that Golden Black marble is one of the most luxurious stones. This stone with its black background and white and gold streaks looks so beautiful that nothing but the luxury and luxury of the space comes to mind. This stone is mostly used in interior decorations due to its high polishability, low water absorption percentage and suitable polish. This stone is processed in two modes of tile, slab and longitudinal, each of which has its own application.

This stone with a uniform black background and delicate and irregular white streaks brings beauty and elegance to the eyes of every viewer. The combination of this stone with white stones doubles its beauty due to its delicate veins. Also, due to its high abrasion resistance and reasonable price, it can be used for staircases and floors, but due to its low porosity, it is better not to use it in the facade. This stone is offered in the form of tiles, slabs, longitudinal and slabs in different dimensions and you can prepare it depending on the space you want.

You can not find the combination of black, brown, gold and white in any natural color canvas except this stone. This stone with its special shine gives a multiplier beauty to your space and makes your space very luxurious. This stone is very limited and rare, and only think about it if the factor of beauty and luxury is very important to you.

White, gray, black, gold and green colors are so beautifully combined in this stone and have created different patterns that sometimes evoke sea waves for the viewer. This stone is processed in the form of tiles and slabs, and by using this crystal in flooring, you can see a wide beauty.

The blackness of the background of this stone opens an infinite space to the viewer’s eyes. This granite is very resistant to wind and rain and its high polishing maintains its luxury. This stone is often used on the floor of buildings and the surface of cabinets. Natanz black granite is mostly processed as a tile to be used on countertops, stairs, floors and tombs.

A sea of blackness and grandeur can be seen inside the black granite rock of Boroujerd. One of the prominent features of this stone is its high resistance, especially against chemicals, which has led to its widespread use in kitchens and laboratories. This stone is processed in the form of tiles and slabs and is used in the desired place.

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