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Iranian white stones

Iranian white stones

White stone is one of the attractive and of course popular stones. The beauty of white is not hidden from anyone. As you know, white is a symbol of peace, tranquility, and purity. Perhaps the reason for the love of white among humans, in addition to beauty, is the same feeling of peace that comes with it. So with all these positive qualities, how good it is to use white stones in our living space. From an interior design standpoint, white is a neutral color. This means that it can be easily set with any decoration and create a harmonious atmosphere.

In this article, we try to introduce some white stones known in the Iranian market and their characteristics. This way, whenever you need to buy a stone, you can choose the stone you want according to your required use.

White marble is the most famous and widely used onyx marble in the world. This stone gives purity and purity to your space and is a symbol of purity and beauty. White marble is usually processed in two modes of tile and slab, each of which is for a specific use. Slab processing is used in the interior of buildings and floors of large halls. Its tile is also used in the floor of halls, kitchens, bathrooms and stairs. Onyx Marble is considered as a very luxurious stone and is often used in luxury buildings.

Among the crystal stones, Azna crystal can be considered as one of the most special. At the same time, this stone has a unique simplicity and beauty with fine diagonal lines and light gray streaks.

You can use Azna crystal stone in the exterior of the building, luxury bathrooms, interior design of villas and commercial centers, cobblestones, floors and counters and kitchens.

Aligudarz crystal stone is one of the most beautiful and popular stones in the Iranian market and even in the world. The white theme, glossy surface, as well as its regular gray and blue lines dazzle the eyes of any viewer. Of course, Aligudarz crystal has different varieties, some of which are dark in color.

Aligudarz crystal stone can be used in many spaces and places that are exposed to moisture and water contact due to low water absorption. Therefore, this stone can be used in many luxury bathrooms, master baths, swimming pools and saunas. It can also be used on the floor of buildings, such as the paving of the living room or kitchen.

Neyriz white crystal stone

Neyriz crystal is a white stone with light and dark gray streaks. Beautiful and pure stone that can be used for any style of interior decoration. High polished ability, low water absorption, good compressive and abrasion resistance are the features of Neyriz crystal.

The best part of the building to use this stone is the lobby and reception hall paving, kitchen paving, stairs and walls inside the building.


Iranian white stones - Iranian white stones

ghorveh crystal stone

The white stone is beautiful with gray and gray streaks. This stone is very suitable for building space. It can also be used for the exterior of the building due to its resistance to weathering and cold. One of the most important features of ghorveh crystal is its low water absorption. Therefore, it is a suitable option for bathrooms, toilets and also used as a counter top.

Iranian white stones - Iranian white stones

Sirjan crystal stone

Sirjan crystal has a white background with gray, yellow and gold streaks. A simple and beautiful stone that can be installed and worked in different parts of the building. This stone has the ability to transmit light and if it is installed in spaces such as lobbies, kitchen counters or luxury bathrooms, it will give a special beauty to the space.

This stone can be used in the interior and exterior of the building, staircase and staircase, paving of halls and kitchens and interior walls, and toilets.

Iranian white stones - Iranian white stones

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