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Marble Stone

Marble Stone

Marble is formed when limestones, which are sedimentary and carbonate rocks in the inner layers of the earth, are transformed under high heat and pressure.

Metamorphic rocks are divided into 3 categories based on the amount of magnesium carbonate: calcite marble, magnesite marble and dolomitic marble, and based on the type of metamorphism, they are divided into 3 categories: porcelain, crystal and cloud stone.

Features of marble

Due to the presence of impurities such as silica, mica, iron oxide, graphite or calcareous materials, these stones have streaks that have doubled its beauty and created a high color diversity.

The specific weight of this stone is about 2560 kg per square meter. This stone has mechanical properties such as compressive strength, flexural strength and acceptable hardness, but its abrasion resistance is such that it is better not to use it in places where there is a lot of traffic, such as stairs or floors.

Advantages of Marble

1- Marble is a calcareous stone and due to its weight and porosity, it does not put much pressure on the building.

2- Due to the variety in which there is a variety of prices in the market is high.

3- It is resistant to direct heat such as fire and wind.

4- It has high sub-susceptibility.

5- It has the ability to engrave and polish.

Disadvantages of marble

1- Has a color change due to long-term exposure to sunlight.

2- Marble is sensitive to acidic substances and detergents and suffers from corrosion.

3- It requires high care.

Types of marble

The variety of this stone is so high that it can cover any taste. Below you can learn more about the types of this stone and their characteristics:

Marble quarries

There are more mines of this stone in Italy, but in Iran in the provinces of Isfahan, Azerbaijan, Khorasan, Kermanshah, Lorestan and Shiraz can be found. The names of the marble stones are taken from the mines that have been extracted.

Application of marble

Use marble for wall coverings

Marble Stone - Marble Stone
Marble Stone - Marble Stone

Use marble in the bedroom


Marble Stone - Marble Stone
Marble Stone - Marble Stone

Use of marble in the bathroom


Marble Stone - Marble Stone

Use marble in the kitchen

Marble Stone - Marble Stone
Marble Stone - Marble Stone

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