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Onyx marble stone

Onyx marble stone

Onyx Marble is undoubtedly a beautiful perfection that can be imagined for a stone. A beautiful and hard stone that has small and large crystals. A stone that generally acquires a distinct crystalline texture under the influence of high heat and pressure during metamorphism. One of the advantages of marble over its contemporaries is its unique color variety. You do not see this color spectrum in any stone. The color of marble is usually solid white due to the presence of calcium carbonate. Of course, this whiteness is achieved when it is 99% pure, which usually happens very rarely. The colors in this stone are due to the presence of minerals such as iron oxide and copper oxide, silica, mica and graphite. From white and cream to pink, orange, green and blue and every color you can imagine, there is in marble

Positive features of onyx marble

  • High density
  • Smooth and polished surface
  • Very low water absorption
  • Very good polished
  • Light transmittance

Negative features of marble

  • Low resistance to scratches and abrasion
  • Low resistance to weathering and moisture



Marble has many applications due to its special properties such as resistance and very low water absorption. But the items mentioned below are the most used of this beautiful stone these days.

  • Hotel lobby flooring and luxury homes
  • The walls of luxurious buildings, especially in the form of bookmatch and formch
  • Interior of holy and religious places
  • Kitchen counter and island
  • Making stone artifacts such as sculptures, vases and lampshades
  • Luxury toilets
  • Build stairs

Mines in Iran

Iran has several marble mines. The most prominent of these are the following:

Pink naghade, green Shahin Dej, orange Kashmar, marble Esfand Kerman, green Yazd, Khalaj Khorasan, Joshaghan Isfahan, Abbas Abad Jolfa and Azarshahr and the mines of Mahallat and Fars province.


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