Upstone factories
Upstone factories
Upstone factories

Upstone factories

Upstone factories are among the leading companies in the field of production and export of natural stones in Iran. This company is trying to promote the stone industry in our beloved country Iran. Utilizing the most advanced and up-to-date stone cutting equipment, we produce a wide range of different products with the highest quality and deliver them to domestic and foreign customers. We in our factory group have based our mission on honoring and gaining the trust of our customers and we will spare no effort to achieve this goal.

Granite tile factory

In the tile cutting granite factory, 2000 square meters of the best and highest quality Iranian granites are cut and processed daily. These granites include Natanz black granite, Boroujerd, Tusi granite, Mashhad turquoise, forest green and Khorramdareh. To get the best cutting quality, the best and highest quality diamonds and segments are used in cutting machines so that we can deliver the best product to you dear ones. The granites produced in this factory, in addition to domestic consumption, are also exported to foreign markets from the invasion of Turkey and Russia, and thanks to God, we have been able to satisfy domestic and foreign customers with our products.

White marble tile factory

This factory with another daily production of 1500 square meters of the best marble is another service of Upstone Group. All products of this factory are produced with international standards and up-to-date methods. Among the marbles produced are Lashtar, Najafabad, Golden Black and Golden Galaxy, Dehbid and Marshall marbles. We thank God that we have created a large number of hard-working young people by launching this factory. It is the efforts of these dear ones that we have been able to produce the best white marbles and send them to domestic and foreign markets.

Abbas Abad Travertine Factory

Since travertine stones are one of the best-selling and most widely used stones in the market, we have tried to produce and supply the best and highest quality tiles of this beautiful stone by hiring experienced and specialized staff. In the factory, something up to 2000 square meters of this stone is cut and processed daily. The travertines produced by this factory include Abbas Abad, Darreh Bukhari, Silver and Chocolate. In addition to domestic sales, these tiles are also exported to neighboring countries, including Iraq and Oman, and have a thriving market in these countries.

Slab contraction joints

With daily production of 500 square meters of various slabs, Upstone has tried to make a big effort in this market. The great sensitivity that exists towards large stones, has caused us to make every effort to be able to produce and market the best slabs. This factory, with its specialized staff in the field of cutting and processing, tries to satisfy its customers, both inside and outside the country. Thanks to God, we have come out of this proud test until today.