The Crystalline Marble according to it’s name have a lot of silica in it. So it can be transparent and have light passage.

Crystalline Marble slabs can use as 4-matched, Book-Matched and veined-match in lobbies, Halls and luxury areas and palaces.

Marble, which is called marble in English, is a solid stone with its own characteristics. And it has many colors including red, pink, yellow, green, cream, white, black and brown. Marbles can be used as floor stones, wall facades, stairs, cabinet cover and other uses in the building. Marble stones are usually found in the market in polished form, but for other uses, various surfaces and processes such as ax, honed, without polished and leather can be found from this stone.

Granites The Latin word granum is derived, meaning grain and grain. This name is undoubtedly worthy of granite because the white, silver, black and other colors in this stone are reminiscent of the beauty of nature and grains.

This stone has a high hardness and is known as the strongest stone that is usually used for busy and public places.

Another use of granite is as a counter surface, which is used in kitchens, laboratories and other places.

For a long time, the name of Onyx marble has been associated with glory and splendor. Just take a look at the world famous structures and sculptures. From the unique Taj Mahal to the unique sculptures of Michelangelo. Everyone has touched marble in their being.

One of the reasons for the differentiation of onyx marble is probably its various and special colors that are seen in less stone. Green, red, yellow, pink, cream, white, black and brown. You will not see this color variation in any other stone. Just choose which onyx marble color is more suitable for your space, that’s it. And what is more attractive than this? !!

Travertine is a type of building stone with a high variety of colors. This stone has existed in prehistoric man-made buildings since ancient times and has become one of the most popular building products and materials with the advancement of technology over the years. Travertine is a type of sedimentary rock that is not under much pressure, so as a result, it has a lower density than other building stones, which has caused a lot of pores in it.

UpStone travertines with high production quality are one of the best options for decorating the façade and interior of today’s luxury buildings.

Travertine in Iran has a very high color variety so that it covers from white to black and all warm color themes.