Crystalline Marble

Crystalline Marble is formed in a way with similar properties to marble and of course with higher silica material.This stone is usually in light colors and without warm colors, but in some cases it is observed that its combination with different minerals creates dark colors as well as unique colored patterns. So that the original beauty shows itself more than before and create a beautiful painting by a nature artist.

The light color of this stone is very suitable for the exterior of the building, because in addition to beauty, it has a very good resistance to sunlight and does not fade. It has high abrasion resistance and very low water absorption. These factors make it easy to use both externally and indoors. Stairs, indoor paving, kitchen counters, bathrooms and toilets are very suitable spaces for using this rock.

تایل کریستال

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There are different types of this marble, the most famous of which are Azna , dark and light Aligudarz, Qorveh, Persian Skato, Sirjan, Libid and Mashhad ice flower. To see more about factory crystalline products, download our catalogue. 

This catalogue provides a complete description of each of the Upstone Group stone products.