Aligudarz Crystalline Marble

Aligudarz Crystalline Marble is one of the most beautiful and popular stones in the Iranian market and even in the world. The white theme, glossy surface, as well as regular and irregular silver and black. lines of this stone attract the eyes of any viewer. The high transparency of it causes the beautiful reflection of light. So that has caused its slabs to be used frequently in many luxury buildings, hotels and lobbies.

Aligudarz is a group of iron rocks. thus is formed over many years due to heat and pressure of the inner layers of the earth.

It has different colors due to its different chemical compositions, but this marble is mostly found in pure white, veins white or gray and silver.

صحنه سازی خانه با کریستال الیگوئذرزصحنه سازی خانه با کریستال الیگودرز






Tile of Aligudarz crystalline marble

Tiles of this stone is usually processed in 40 and 50 cm dimensions and 40 lengths. However, due to the beautiful and natural veins that are on its surface, it is more used as a slab. Specially is used in bookmatch and formatch designs on the walls and floors of luxury buildings.

Aligudarz Crystalline marble has very delicate blue, yellow and red lines. Lines that on a white and silver background, depicting a beautiful frame. This frame can captivate the eyes of any viewer. as a result of be at peace.

This beautiful Iranian stone is very similar to one of the most beautiful and of course the most expensive crystalline marble in the world. Of course, in terms of price, it is much less than that stone. This is one of the charms of this Aligudarz.

Bright colors, beautiful designs and veins, high strength and many other features of this stone have made it have many applications in the construction industry.

صحنه سازی خانه با کریستال الیگودرزصحنه سازی خانه با کریستال الیگودرز

Usage of this crystalline marble

 Aligudarz crystalline marble can be used in many spaces and places that are exposed to moisture and water contact due to low water absorption. Therefore, we can be used it in many luxury bathrooms, master baths, swimming pools, saunas, etc. It can also be used on the floor of buildings, such as the paving of a living room or kitchen. Due to the bright color and light reflection, it is very suitable for low light spaces that illuminate the environment.

The beauty of aligudarz slabs has made it an attractive choice for engineers and interior designers so is used in many luxury construction, office and commercial projects.

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