Aligudarz Dark Crystalline Marble

Aligudarz dark crystalline marble is undoubtedly the most beautiful and unique stone available in the Iranian market that has the ability to compete with its foreign counterparts.

This marble, which is also called black stone, is actually a sheet of special abstract designs that can only be seen in the same stone.

This natural stone is a painting by the unique painter of nature”

This stone with its designs, after entering any space, will undoubtedly turn it into an irreplaceable and beautiful palace.

The colors white, silver, black, gold and green create a beautiful play of color contrast, so use it with confidence and enjoy.

صحنه سازی خانه با کریستال تیره الیگودرزصحنه سازی خانه با کریستال الیگودرز






Dark Crystalline Marble

This natural stone is used as flooring in the form of tiles and slab. For example, it can be used to cover a large space with a beautiful template or create an abstract and beautiful space with its rectangular and square tiles. But the remarkable thing is the extraordinary beauty of this stone. There is less black stone in nature that has these wonderful shapes and designs. This marble is definitely the most attractive. Therefore do not doubt your choice

صحنه سازی خانه با کریستال الیگودرز

Dark Crystalline Marble

Dark aligudarz slabs are used as bookmatch, formatch and winmatch in different parts of the building. By connecting its abstract patterns to each other, you will definitely create a very beautiful and different atmosphere. The interesting thing about this natural stone is that every time this marble is extracted from the mine, it has very different designs. This is also the case with other natural stones, but not as much as this stone.

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