Azna Crystalline Marble

Azna Crystalline Marble is one of the oldest and most famous Iranian stones. In the past, Azna stood out on the exterior facade of most buildings. Which, of course, may have been due to the community’s lack of knowledge about travertine stones.

Among crystalline marbles, this stone can be considered one of the most special because at the same time, it attracts your eyes with its small diagonal lines, light gray streaks and dazzling radiance.

Azna is both beautiful and simple. Therefore, this stone offers a beautiful contrast of simplicity and glory to its viewer.

This crystalline marble has a high physical structure against environmental conditions such as heat, cold, rain and chemicals, so install it safely.

مدل سازی خانه با کریستال ازنا






Azna  crystalline marble Tiles and Slabs

Azna tiles are available in the dimensions of 40 * 40, 60 * 60, 80 * 80 and 100 * 100 in the market. The standard thickness of this stone is 2 cm, but 1.6 and 1.9 cm thicknesses are also cut, which have a lower price.

Upstone Group recommends using these slabs because it brings you extra beauty. Give your home a natural look by using Bookmatch and Formatch stone designs. So use its slabs and enjoy seeing it


Features of white crystalline marble

The unique properties of it have caused the increasing use of this stone. Perhaps the most important of these features is its quality and reasonable price compared to similar domestic and foreign models. Other features of this stone include beautiful white color, high heat resistance, resistance to moisture, radiance and smoothness of the stone surface, low water absorption, high density and strength.

You can use Azna crystalline marble in the exterior of the building, luxury bathrooms, interior design of villas and commercial centers, paving, floors and counters and kitchens.

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