Persian Crystalline Marble

Persian Crystalline marble has a white background with irregular silver and black lines and spider veins. Another name for it is Arab Skato.

It is also called Persian Skato which It takes its name from its Italian counterpart, the Arab skato.

If you are one of the sensitive people regarding the beauty and luxury of your home, we suggest that you consider Persian Scato. because you will be able to have glory and beauty at a reasonable price. This stone is used frequently in the construction industry. The reason is the high quality along with the reasonable price of Persian Skato.

مدلسازی خانه با کریستال پرشین






Persian Crystalline Marble Tile

This crystalline marble is processed and supplied in the form of slabs or tiles of 40, 50, 60 and 80 cm. This tile is mostly used for luxury flooring, but the most common use of this beautiful stone is definitely in the form of slabs and in bookmatch and formch designs.

It is very popular with designers and decorators. The reason for this popularity is because this stone can be used both in magnificent and luxurious designs and in minimalist designs that have recently found many fans. Persian Scato bright background with beautiful gray and black streaks has the ability to be set with any design and pattern and give a unique harmony to your building.
Persian Scots crystalline is used frequently in the construction industry and is currently displayed in most luxury buildings. The main reason for the high use is the high quality and reasonable price of this stone.

Persian Crystalline Marble

It has very high resistance and high density. Persian Scato’s excellent polishing ability and very low water absorption make it possible to use it to cover floors and walls inside and outside the building.

Persian Scato can also be used as an island stone or kitchen island, cabinet top, toilet, floor stone or lobby of luxury buildings.

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