Cotton flower granite

Cotton flower granite is an excellent natural stone for any type of application. It has a white background with a pattern of black  spots, large and small.

This stone is very similar to white granite, the only difference is in the size and shape of the grains on the surface of the stone, which in granite is slightly larger in cotton and somewhat similar to cotton.

Cotton mud granite, like other granites, has high strength and durability. This feature allows it to be used comfortably in busy places that are exposed to constant wear.

مدل سازی خانه با سنگ گرانیت گل پنبه ای






Cotton flower Tile

This stone is produced and supplied in the form of longitudinal cuts, tiles and slabs. 60 cm long cut is easily available in the market, but dimensions larger than 60 are usually custom made.

High quality and durability along with beauty and simplicity have made this fixed foundation stone for most large construction, commercial, residential, office and industrial projects.

Most of the applications of cotton mud granite are in paving public and busy places, factories and sanitary and industrial places, walls and floors of parking lots, toilets, stairs and underpasses.

مدل سازی خانه با سنگ گرانیت گل پنبه ای

Cotton flower Properties

Fortunately, in different regions of our beloved country, Iran, there are granites of this stone. The most famous of them are in the east of the country, Nehbandan, in the center, Natanz and in the southeast of Zahedan. These 3 cities have the highest quality cotton flower granite. Nehbandan  granite has larger grains than competitors, while Zahedan granites are lighter. But in terms of popularity and market demand, Natanz granite is in the first place. The salient features of this stone are high strength and durability, high resistance to abrasion and impact, adaptation to all types of climates, low water absorption and long life. Perhaps the only negative feature of this functional stone is its high weight, which has made it less used in the facade of the building recently.

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