Forest Green Granite

Forest green granite has a dark green background and yellow streaks. It has a unique design that can capture the heart of any viewer.

Installing this stone in any place and space improves the visual visibility of that part of the building. Be sure to install this stone is one of the best decisions you make for the beauty of your home.

Forest granite is extracted from the mines of Birjand city of South Khorasan province. This stone has countless fans in the global market.

This stone is one of the most resistant granite stones with a water absorption rate of close to zero. This feature allows you to easily use it anywhere in the building.

مدل سازی خانه با سنگ گرانیت سلز جنگلی






Slab and Tile Forest granite

There, the tiles are usually cut and processed in the dimensions of 40 * 40 and 60 * 60 cm. Thereforeو Better that They are used in various places such as toilets, paving of the interior of the building, walls, hall floor and interior stairs of luxurious buildings.
Since Forest granite is one of the rarest and most special stones in the country, it is better to produce and process it as a slab. Because this kind of beauty shows itself more and more. Also, if the stone is executed in the form of a pattern or bookmatch so that the lines and streaks in the stone are parallel or symmetrical with each other, they evoke the image of a beautiful butterfly in the mind. This way you will have a unique space that you will always enjoy seeing.

مدل سازی خانه با سنگ گرانیت سبز جنگلی

properties of Forest Granite

Forest Green Granite stone is one of the most unrivaled in terms of quality and density as well as beauty and charm. This natural beauty is very suitable for busy places such as conference halls or subway stations due to its high strength and resistance. Keep in mind that all granite stones are not very suitable for exterior application due to their high hardness, low pores, very low water absorption and lack of good adhesion to the mortar.

The price of forest stone depends on factors such as the type and nature of the stone, thickness, type of cutting and processing, sorting or grading of the stone and the amount of veins on the surface of the stone.

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