Gray Granite

Gray granite is one of the most beautiful building stones due to its unique design color. Granite is very hard and strong, so it has a very high durability, it is also rough and at the same time polished. Granite is one of the igneous rock types and is also known as marble. additionally It has a texture with small and medium grains. Due to the variety of colors in its minerals, it is found in different colors such as white, silver, green, orange, red and black.

The origin of this stone is Nehbandan city in South Khorasan province. In the mines of Nehbandan city, in addition to gray granite, cream and orange granite are also extracted.

This stone has higher strength and resistance than other stones, especially limestone that has a porous texture.

مدل سازی خانه با سنگ گرانیت طوسی






Gray Granite Tile and Slab

This gray stone is usually processed in 30 * 30, 40 * 40, 60 * 60 and 80 * 80 dimensions. In addition, it is cut in 30 and 40 cm lengths, which has many uses. This stone can be used in any part of the building, both indoors and outdoors, due to its high strength and durability. Of course, keep in mind that granite produces dead load due to its high weight and load. As a result, installing it on the exterior of the building is not the right thing to do. It seems that the best place to execute this stone according to its characteristics is the following: building stairs, sidewalk paving (in the form of a cube), flooring, landscaping of houses and villas, bathroom sinks, kitchen counters and elevator stone.

مدل سازی خانه با سنگ گرانیت طوسی

Properties of Gray Granite

Gray granite, like other types of granite, has significant properties that have made it widely used.
High strength, durability, very low porosity, very low water absorption and low compressive and abrasion resistance are some of these features.
Due to these properties, gray granite can be applied inside and outside the building. Can be installed inside the building in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet and hall. It can also be used for outdoor spaces, including facades. Of course, due to low porosity and high weight, it is better not to use it in the exterior. Travertine stones are definitely a better option in this case.

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