Khorramdareh granite

Khorramdareh granite is one of the most beautiful granite stones. This stone has various mines in Iran, so it has a golden color spectrum of chocolate and elephant. This stone is very similar in appearance to Nehbandan orange granite, with the difference that its water absorption is less than Nehbandan stone. The characteristics of this granite are high strength, abrasion resistance, low water absorption and its uniformity. One of the disadvantages of this stone is its high weight, which makes it difficult to stick.

رندر گرانیت خرمدره






Khorramdareh granite tile

Khorramdareh stone is cut and processed in the form of slabs and tiles in the dimensions of 40 * 40, 50 * 50 and 60 * 60 cm. This granite can be used in large dimensions due to its uniform design.

Due to the characteristics of this stone, it can be used in interior and exterior paving, exterior facades, stairs and stone tables.

Granite is probably the best building stone. But why? Because this stone has properties that no other stone can be found. By far the most resilient. Its durability is such that it does not change for many years. It has a smooth and even surface and the least porosity. It is beautiful and dignified. These are all characteristics that we expect from a building stone. That is why this stone has been used a lot for many years and still continues.

Khorramdareh granite pricing

The price of this stone depends on the following factors:

The type of mine that affects its quality and color

The less black and gray spots or so-called glands, the higher the price

The thickness of the stone

Dimensions of stone

Quality and processing of stone in terms of sawing and cutting

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