Natanz Black Granite

Natanz Black Granite with smoky to black background is one of the most widely used granite stones for use on the floor of the building This stone is a very suitable option for use on the floor of the building and the cabinet top. You can create a great look for your kitchen by polishing granite. It has a smoky to black background.

The stone also contains gray to black grains in close-up, which creates a very special design for this stone and makes it unique.

This granite is also used as a tombstone around the world, which is one of the most widely used of its kind. Due to its high strength and low water absorption percentage, it has many applications. So use this attractive stone safely in any place you want.

مدل سازی خانه با سنگ گرانیت  مشکی نطنز






Natanz Black Granite ​Tile and slab

Undoubtedly, the most widely used black granite processing is its polished tiles, because it is the best type for counters, stairs, floors and tombs.

It should be noted that matte and flamed types of this stone are also widely used. For example, the matte type is used for floors in public places and public stairs.

Another usable type of this stone is the type of film or heating that creates an uneven surface on it. This processing is suitable for the external environment and prevents crushing on the surface. Of course, it can also be used for external stairs.

مدل سازی خانه با سنگ گرانیت  مشکی نطنز

Properties Of Natanz Granite

The polishing quality and uniformity of the surface of this stone has a great impact on its appearance. It does not matter what kind of processing is done on the stone surface, however, black granite is able to show itself.

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