Orange granite

Orange granite is one of the most beautiful granite stones and is in the category of inner igneous rocks. This stone is one of the types of Nehbandan granite and is the most expensive type of this stone. This stone has a light peach color theme with black flowers on the stone surface. This granite has a larger grain size than other granites.

The characteristics of this stone are its high strength, low water absorption and high compressive strength.

رندر گرانیت پرتقالی






Orange Granite Tile

This granite is cut and processed into slabs and tiles of 40, 50 and 60 cm. This granite can be used in large dimensions or large places due to its almost uniform design and reasonable price.

Due to the characteristics of this stone, it can be used in busy places such as paving and stairs, places exposed to moisture and chemicals and the facade of the building.

رندر گرانیت پرتقالی

Orange granite pricing


This granite mine is located in South Khorasan province, Nehbandan city, Chah Dardi village.

The price of this stone is reasonable compared to other stones and its features. However, its price is variable and in addition to factors such as thickness, length and quality, it also depends on the black and gray spots in the stone, and the more these spots are, the lower the price.

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