Marble Chips

Marble Chips or Gravel are natural stones that are formed by crushing larger stones. Gravel can be produced in different dimensions. Marble chips are smaller than pebbles. These types of stones are produced in different colors of white, black and colored, which depending on the place and dimensions you want to use, you have to determine its color.

سنگ ریزه
رندر سنگ ریزه





Benefits of Gravel

The advantages of this type of stone, especially for paving, include the following:

  • High durability
  • No color change due to climate change
  • No change in quality in the long run
  • Easy shipping
  • Variety of colors and sizes
    The price is right
رندر سنگ ریزه

Application of marble chips

This type of stone is used in various spaces such as landscaping, facades, gardens and parks, roof garden and decorating the floor of the aquarium and pond. The use of this type of stone on the floor of the yard is very common and in addition to its beauty and naturalness, it makes the path smoother and easier to travel. In smaller spaces and courtyards, white is often used to show a larger space and the green color of plants to show more.

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