Cappuccino Marble

Cappuccino marble is like a cup of cappuccino. Just like its name, it has the same color combination of white and brown and that is why it is known by this name. It is very popular due to its special color and warm composition and has been welcomed by domestic and foreign customers.

It has good abrasion resistance and can also be said to have a low water absorption percentage. Therefore, it can be used in different parts of the building. Installing it on the floor and interior of the building is a very good decision. Because it has very little color play. That is why it harmonizes well with other elements of the house and gives warmth and comfort to the building space.

صحنه سازی خانه با مرمریت کاپوچینوو






Cappuccino Marble Tile

This Marble can be installed in all interior parts of the building. For example: floor stones, interior stairs, elevator margins, paving of commercial and office centers and toilets. The use of this stone for paving hotels and apartments also creates a desirable visual effect. Brown is one of the most widely used colors. Housewives in particular are very interested in it. Because this color creates a warm and intimate atmosphere and induces a sense of calm to the members of the house.

صحنه سازی خانه با مرمریت کاپوچینو

Properties of Cappuccino Marble

The price of this stone depends on various factors. For example: the brighter and more uniform the color of the stone, the higher the price of the stone. The type of processing and its thickness are other factors affecting its price.
The larger the Cappuccino Marble and the more accurate the slices, the higher the price. Finally, the processing quality of this stone in terms of polishing, cutting and resin will have a great impact on the price of the stone.

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