Golbehi Marble

Golbehi marble is seen due to the presence of marble impurities in light to dark colors such as cream, red, brown, pink, black, mustard, green. Pink and red are due to the presence of very fine particles of hematite or manganese carbonate, and yellow and cream are due to the presence of limonite.
Premium This stone is suitable for use in facades and floors inside and outside the building. This stone is the product of Isfahan mines. The combination of this stone with black and dark colors definitely creates a very beautiful and special look. This combination is very suitable for luxury decorations.

مدلسازی خانه با مرمریت گلبهی






Tiles and Slabs Golbehi Marble

This marble is found in the dimensions of tiles and slabs. Tile samples can be found in square dimensions of 20 to 120. It is also produced in a rectangle with a ratio of one to two, such as 60 by 30. Of course, it should be noted that stone cutting units can produce all custom dimensions. You can create unique spaces from this stone by combining this stone with stones such as Lashtar and Marshall marble. You can also use this stone in most parts of the house or decoration of luxury stores and always enjoy seeing it.

مدلسازی خانه با مرمریت گلبهی

Properties of Golbehi Marble

The processing of this marble is usually polished. Because the beautiful polished surface of the marble shows well. Due to its special color, this stone is usually combined with other black marble stones to create special spaces. Of course, it goes without saying that this stone alone can create one of the most special spaces. It is better to use it in the parts of the building that are more visible, because seeing a natural material has always been very attractive to humans. So, do not withhold this good feeling from yourself and the people of the house.

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