Golden Galaxy Marble

Golden galaxy marble is very similar to the Golden Black. This stone, like its counterpart, has intricate intertwined veins of gold, copper and white. Very beautiful designs and streaks that are reminiscent of a beautiful galaxy in the dark night sky. This very polished stone can shine like a jewel on the doorstep. Its golden streaks always remind the audience that this stone is equal to a jewel. One of the differences between the Golden Galaxy and the Golden Black is that the stone is more opaque. So if you are a fan of matte themes, this marble is a better choice.

صحنه سازی خانه با مرمریت گلدن گلکسی






Golden Galaxy Tile

This marble can be found in different dimensions in the market. These dimensions include slabs and tiles. The beauty of this stone is that it forces you to use its slabs. Because the bigger it is, the better it gives its unique brightness and darkness to the viewer.
This stone with square tile dimensions from 40 * 40 to 120 * 120 is also available for use on the floor. This stone is also produced in the form of rectangular tiles with a ratio of 1 to 2 for use in facades. In general, in stone production units, this stone can be processed in different ways, some of which are: manual, polished, unpaid, leather, ax, plant hammering.
صحنه سازی خانه با مرمریت گلدن گلکسی

Golden Galaxy Slab

Golden galaxy marble slab is one of the most popular dark slabs among designers. So, one of their options for designing a building is Golden Black Marble Slab. It should be noted that the small design and many details of this stone distinguish it from other same types and has created its own market.

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