Marshall Marble

Marshall Marble is an attractive black and gold stone. This stone will definitely make your house more beautiful. It is a well-known product in the global market. This stone is known in developed European countries as one of the most luxurious and high quality stones on the market. Marshall turns an ordinary space into a beautiful palace that can be one of the most significant features of this stone. So if you are looking for a major change in the decoration of your home or store, Marshall is definitely an ideal option. This stone is available in slab and tile dimensions with different sizes from small 20 by 20 tiles to 2 by 2 slabs. It is one of the best-selling types of 60 by 60 and 80 by 80 tiles. These tiles are available in very neat and clean packaging in international markets.

مدلسازی خانه با مرمریت مارشال






Opulence Stone

This marble is one of the great options as a luxury black stone. This stone has its own market in countries such as Spain, Portugal and Italy. In these countries, Marshall is used as a luxury stone in beautiful buildings. The golden streaks in this stone make it more luxurious, as if you have stepped on the central hall of a palace. A palace where the stones used have stunned you.

مدلسازی خانه با مرمریت مارشال

Marshall Marble Tile

Tiles of marshall marble is produced in different dimensions, but due to its high strength, it can be used in large types, such as one meter by one meter for the floor .coherence of the design and its role. In this stone, sometimes copper and white veins can be seen, which adds to its beauty. This stone can be named as one of the busiest designs in marble in terms of design.

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