Nero Marquina Marble

Nero Marquina Marble has a completely black background and irregular white lines are scattered in it. It is known in the world as Pars Black Marble. This stone is one of the ancient marbles of Iran. If you also love dark stones, Najafabad marble is the best choice. Najafabad black stone is processed in the form of polished and leather in tile, slab and longitudinal dimensions. It is used in all interiors of the building, including the lobby floor, elevator frame, parking floor and commercial complexes. One of the disadvantages of this stone is its paleness in the sun, so the black stone of Najafabad should not be used in the exterior that is exposed to the sun. This stone has low water absorption, high compressive strength and low porosity.

صحنه سازی با مرمریت پرشین سیلک






Nero Marquina Marbel Tile

As the name implies, it has a completely black background and irregular white lines are scattered in it. This stone is popular all over the world and in most countries it is known as Pars Marble or Pars Black Stone. Nero marquina marble processing is sanded and polished. This stone is very similar to pietra gray stone in some varieties. But the way to distinguish these two stones is in the background color and the type of veins. In pietra gray stone, the veins are often linear and long in one direction, and the background color in most varieties is dark gray. But in black stone, the background is darker (black) and the veins are irregular, short, long and out of alignment.

Nero Marquina Marbel Properties

Nero marquina marbel Some of the features of black marble mention the following:

Lack of absorption and permeability of water and moisture

Suitable abrasion resistance

Suitable abrasion resistance

Polished and glossy surface

Suitable porosity

High endurance

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