Persian Silk Marble

Persian Silk Marble with its unique color is one of the special and attractive species of marble family.

The silver and gray background, irregular white streaks and lines and its smooth and uniform design create a unique feeling in the viewer of this stone. Probably this feeling has caused engineers and interior designers to use this special stone in their projects in abundance. These people believe that this unique stone can win the heart of any esthetician.

But what definitely adds to the charm of this stone is its reasonable price compared to similar examples. These two important factors, namely beauty and reasonable price, have caused this stone to be used in many construction and commercial projects. Persian marble is definitely one of the most beautiful mines in Iran.

مدلسازی خانه با سنگ مرمریت پرشین سلک






Persian Silk Tile

Persian Silk marble is produced and processed in 40, 60 and 80 cm, 30 and 40 cm tiles as well as slabs.

The most important applications of this tile are the following:

Floors of luxurious buildings, interior of the building, walls and floors of lobbies and entrance corridors, luxury bathrooms, paving of reception halls, cabinets and kitchen space, stairs and steps.

One of the new methods in interior design is minimal style, which is based on simplicity and neutrality. Persian Silk marble is an excellent choice for this architectural style due to its neutral silver color. So it is not without reason that architects use it extensively.

مدلسازی خانه با مرمریت پرشین سیلم

Persian Silk Marble

Specific design and color, strength and very little color play are all what we want from a stone. Persian Silk generously gives it to you as a gift. The origin of this beautiful stone is Fars province and near the city of Neyriz. Fars province, due to having rich mines of this stone, is the center of production and of course export of this stone. In addition to Fars, similar specimens of this stone are mined in Isfahan province, which are very similar in structure and appearance.

The most prominent features of this stone include:

Unique color, good strength and density, low water absorption, high abrasion resistance, good polish and color fastness over time.

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