مرمریت لاشتر
مرمریت لاشتر

Pietra Gray Marble

Pietra Gray Marble is one of the most widely used types of dark marble. This stone can be known as a versatile stone because due to its strength, resistance and beauty, this stone can be used almost everywhere.
This marble  can be found with processes such as bush hammered, honed, polished, ax and other types. This stone can also be found in tile and slab dimensions. dimension can found from the smallest tiles to the largest slabs in the market.






Tile and Slab Pietra Gray Marble

Pietra is one of the few sinks whose slabs and tiles are widely used. Its slabs have the beauty needed to cover a large wall. Tile can also create a beautiful and strong staircase.

One of the most popular types of this stone is its low type line, whose white lines are very popular. they are used in many architectures of yesterday and today.
Another type of this stone is its full line type, which makes different spaces the most special according to the designs created in it.
Lashtor stone can beautifully decorate busy places with its special design.

مدلسازی خانهمدلسازی خانه

Properties of Pietra Gray Marble

The unique features of pietra  have made it one of the best on the market. Very beautiful color, excellent strength, low water absorption and reasonable price are among these features.

Lashtor marble with high strength and very low porosity in the gray area is one of the most popular stones in the Iranian and world markets. Due to its strong parameters, this stone has been able to open its place in historical buildings such as Naghsh Jahan Square and is reminiscent of previous years as well as modern architecture

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