Nescafe Onyx Stone

Nescafe Onyx Stone is one of the most special onyx. Its white and brown color creates a warm and intimate atmosphere in the home environment. Also, due to its translucent nature, it is highly regarded by designers and decorators.

This onyx is widely used in stone sinks and bathtubs as well as stone handicrafts. In many decors, we can use this stone as a top for cabinets, tables and counters.

Nescafe, orange, brown and white streaks are intertwined in this rock like the beautiful hills of the desert. The use of this stone gives a unique view of nature to the harsh environment.

مدل سازی خانه با مرمر نسکافه ای






Nescafe Onyx Marble Tile

Nescafe stone is widely used as a tile for the floor of buildings due to its higher strength than other onyx stone, and its 2 and 3 cm diameters are produced in large quantities.

Obviously, this stone can also be used as a staircase, which can be used to create one of the most luxurious staircases in the world in a building by working with the backlight under it.

Unmixed of this stone in the high number of tiles has caused interior designers to use it on the floor of the building with more confidence.

In the use of this stone in interior design, strong white backlight is used because this stone itself can emit beautiful light colored rays with its veins.

صحنه سازی خانه با مرمر نسکافه ای

Nescafe Onyx Stone

Other uses of this stone can be considered as complementary to black and dark stones. In this case, it can also be used as an optical line in floor design. Also, using CNC and Waterjet, you can create special patterns with it, which in combination with the polished surfaces of this stone, as well as other dark stones, will give you an amazing view.

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