Wavy Onyx Stone

Wavy Onyx Stone is one of the most popular onyxes in the world that is used in various spaces. This luxurious stone has been widely used for royal buildings since ancient times. Therefore, it is not surprising that it has always been considered by architects of different periods.

This stone has green, yellow, gold, white and brown veins. This variety of colors, which are all repetitive colors of nature, clearly reminds man of nature. So if you decide to have a corner of nature in your home, corrugated onyx is a good option. Let’s renovate our building and give a dreamy view of space every day.

It should be noted that this wavy stone transmits light. This property makes it act like colored glass and scatter light with natural colors in the space.

صحنه سازی خانه با مرمر موج دار






Wavy Onyx Marble Tile and Slab

There tiles has little production due to the scarcity of this stone, but it should be noted that after processing its slabs, it can be turned into a tile and then used on the floors of luxury buildings.

Wavy onyx is also used as a staircase and adds to the beauty of this stone in the space with its dazzling lighting. Many designers consider this stone model as one of the main elements in modern and classic design.

This stone can also be used as a counter surface, where the beauty of this stone can be doubled with special lighting.

صحنه سازی خانه با مرمر موج دار

Properties of Wavy Onyx Marble

Wavy Onyx stone is suitable for indoor use and can be used on floors and interior walls. The reason for recommending this stone for indoor is that this stone has less durability than other types of stones against acid rain and climatic conditions.

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