Pebbles or river rocks are relatively round rocks with a diameter of 3 to about 20 cm. This is one of the natural rocks that are obtained from sand mines. Rubble is widely used due to its variety of colors, high durability in different weather conditions, no need for repair and reasonable price.

The use of these stones reminds you of your presence in nature. Also, due to its high strength, such as white granite, it can be used in interior and exterior architecture.

قلوه سنگ





Application of Pebbles:

  • Use in landscaping and space around buildings

In addition to beautifying your environment, these stones, if they have a light color, reflect sunlight, cool the bed and reduce water evaporation.

It is better to use these stones around plants and grass lands to save water consumption.

  • Use on The roof of the house or roof gardens

The use of these stones in the roofs of houses causes them to reflect sunlight, therefore, it also saves energy.

  • Use in environmental structures (gabions) 

Gabions are lace instruments used to make tables and chairs for pavilions, fire temples, fountains, and so on. Pebbles has a beautiful use for making these gabions.

  • Use on pool floor or pool area

The use of these stones on or around the pool floor can definitely be reminiscent of natural environments such as rivers or the sea.

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