Stone balustrade

Stone balustrade are the best choice for classic facades.
A fence is a type of protective fence that is used for the edges of balconies, terraces and stairs and is produced in different types of glass, metal, wood and stone. The first fences in the world are made of stone. And for this reason, the stone fence introduces a combination of tradition and modernity to the viewer. These fences are used in global markets and are known as balustrade fences. These are produced in different designs and materials. But most of the time, classic stones are used because of the ease of stone cutting. To buy these stones, you must consider the place of use and the price you want






Application of Stone fences

Stone fences are made of travertine, marble and crystalline in a square and round shape with dimensions of 60 or 70 cm. Due to their high strength and cleanability, you can place them in exterior facades. The best stones for this case are travertine, which due to their high strength against sunlight, expand and contract air. But marble is better to use in the interior because of its lower resistance to weather conditions. However, if you decide to use classic facades for your building, then it is better and more beautiful to use stone facades.


Features of Stone fences

1) high strength
2) fire proofing
3) unlike metal fences are resistance against of sunlight without color change
4) unlike wood fences they can be washed
5) they are resistance against of expansion and contraction
6) fast installation
7) natural beauty
8) resistance against of cold and impact

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