Chocolate Travertine

Chocolate Travertine is one of the most economical and popular stones on the market, which combines with other stones to create a unique look.

This stone is also produced in two types, wavy and waveless. Each of which offers indescribable beauty to nature from the viewer.

Chocolate travertine stone is the most economical travertine stone”

This beautiful stone can be found in light chocolate colors to dark chocolate. the light types of which are in greater demand. It should be noted that chocolate stone can be used even alone in the interior or exterior. Also, special attention should be paid to the holly beauty of this stone on the floor of the building

مدل سازی خانه با سنگ تراورتن ع






Chocolate Travertine Tile

This natural stone tile is the best-selling type of this stone. But it should be noted that the slab of this stone is also produced and is one of the most famous stones in the market.

This tile can be used with different processing in different places. for example, its tumble processing can be used on floors, tiles and polished and leather slabs for facades.

This beautiful stone tile is the most special stone for building design with chocolate color”

مدل سازی خانه با سنگ تراورتن شکلاتی


The most important strengths of this stone can be considered compatibility with various designs, resistance to rain and sunlight and its affordable price. This travertine, as mentioned, can be found in tile and slab dimensions. Chocolate travertine is one of the most widely used stones for classic style facades. Upstone has tried to produce and offer you the best quality of this product in its factories.

This stone has a special and significant use in stone structures such as railings (sorahi ) and water jet and CNC stone flowers.

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