Cream Travertine

Cream Travertine stone is one of the best light travertines among all the stones available in all parts of the country. Among the advantages of darebokhari travertine, he can mention light color, good brightness, good density and proper polishing ability in comparison with other stones in this category.

These advantages have made this stone an attractive choice for architects and building builders.
Darebokhari travertine, like other travertines, is cut and processed in two methods. waveless and wavy, and its undulating model is often used in classic facades

مدل سازی خانه با سنگ تراورتن دره بخاری






Cream Travertine Tile

Darebokhari travertine tile is usually cut in widths of 40 and 60 cm, which is mainly used in classic and modern facades.

Also, low grades of this stone tiles are used in parts of the building that are less visible.

The color spectrum of Darebokhari travertine tiles includes white, creamy white and cream. Normally, the whiter the color, the higher the price.

مدل سازی خانه با سنگ تراورتن دره بخاری

Cream Travertine Stone Pricing

There are a few things to consider about the pricing of the darebokhari Valley travertine stone.
The thicker and larger the diameter, the higher the price.
Also, the waves and halos of the stone have a significant effect on the price of this stone. So that the less and more regular its wave, the more value and nature of its price will be added. In terms of dimensions. Keep in mind that the taller the dimensions of the travertine stone in darebokhari and the more accurate the cuts, the more value it will have. And but the color. Probably the most important factor in pricing darebokhari travertine stone is its color. The lighter the color of the stone, the higher the price. Finally, the quality of stone processing. In terms of polishing, cutting, resin and epoxy will have a great impact on the price of stone.

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