Travertine Silver

Travertine Silver or titanium is a type of travertine that is extracted from mines in northwestern Iran. This door covers a wide range of travertine stone colors from light to dark colors.

This stone is found in tan, silver, brown and in wavy and waveless cuts. This stone is usually used in building facades to combine with bright colors.

“Silver stone can be called the best travertine stone for export in Iran”

Titanium travertine can also be used in thicker cuts in the floor of the building and even the outside environment. For outside usually usually used with tumble and without polished , which creates an exceptional environment.

مدل سازی خانه با سنگ تراورتن سیلور






Travertine Silver Tile

Titanium travertine tile is one of the best-selling types of this product, which can usually be found in 40 and 60 cm widths in factories in this case.

The tile processing of this stone is usually polished, which usually fills the holes in the surface of the stone with colored resin mastic to provide a more uniform surface to the viewer.

“Silver travertine polished tile is the most available type of processing on the market”

Wavy and waveless tiles of this stone have many differences in appearance with each other, and in a way, visually, they can be considered as different categories, each of which has a remarkable shine in specific designs.

As mentioned, This stone is not only used in the facade and other uses can be made of this stone, for example, the slab of this stone can be used in the facade of lobbies or its nano tiles on the floor of the building and There was no concern about its fragility.

مدل سازی خانه با سنگ تراورتن سیلور

Travertine Silver

This sample of travertine stone is of special importance in the international market and there is always an effort in the world to recognize such products and offer them to the world market that Upstone tries to introduce it to more global markets by introducing this stone.

This stone is one of the most famous stones in the travertine market, which is why its price is usually predetermined.

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