White Travertine

White travertine is one of the best among its categories, namely travertines. This stone has a wide range in terms of the existence of many mines in the IRAN.

These advantage made this stone one of the most popular and of course the most widely used travertines on the market. Just look more closely at the buildings around you to see if this is true.

Bright colors, especially cream colors, have always had many fans. Especially among families. Because it creates a feeling of quiet. this travertine can be used not only in the exterior, but also inside the building.

مدل سازی خانه با سنگ تراورتن عباس آباد






White Travertine Tile

In general, Abbas Abad travertine stone is processed longitudinally, slabs, tiles, splited face and balustrade. Abbas Abad travertine tile is one of the most widely used among other marble tiles.

Beauty, excellent polishing, light color and relatively high strength are the advantages of Abbas Abad travertine.

White travertine is available in white, chocolate, light and dark cream colors. Compounds such as calcium, iron cause veins in the stone. The brighter and whiter the Abbas Abad travertine , and the fewer veins and auras, certainly the higher the price

مدل سازی خانه با سنگ تراورتن عباس آباد

Applications of White Travertine

This stone is used in the exterior of the building, interior decoration, flooring and landscaping and stairs. Also sometimes to make sculptures. Abbas Abad is usually used for exterior and longitudinal application.
The relatively high porosity makes the mortar adhere well to this stone. This good adhesion and light color has made Abbas travertine widely used in the exterior.
But weaker Types that are thicker are usually used for flooring and landscaping.
Also some creative architects and use Abbas Abad travertine slabs in spaces such as hotel lobbies and buildings or in home interior decoration

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