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Stone countertop is better or artificial

Is stone countertop the right choice? An important question is, why natural stone, when you can install a similar product like quartz? For some reason, natural stone loses its original appearance and seems like a scary investment to many homeowners. The stone stains, can be scratched, changes over time, and naturally becomes old with age. These all seem scary, but they are really a big part of why so many people love to use natural stone in their homes. In this article, we try to review the advantages and disadvantages of natural stones and see if they can be a good choice for us or not.

Natural stone is not the best choice for everyone, but it is always better to know what to expect before investing.

Let’s start with a quick comparison of natural stone and man-made products, or manufactured products, such as quartz! First, let’s talk about natural stone.

Advantages of natural stone and stone countertop


Natural stone is unique, beautiful, original and usually offers a more magnificent effect.


Touching natural stone feels great, which is not the case with artificial materials.

Being natural

Natural stone is an organic and natural substance that is extracted directly from nature and specifically from the mine.


Natural stone has existed forever and is just as beautiful today. Certainly, you have opened your mouth to admire the constructor by seeing the historical monuments. Beautiful mosques, magnificent churches, palaces of kings and many historical statues. All these works owe their durability to natural stones.


Natural stone is relatively easy to maintain because it is soft and absorbent. You can use a series of materials to remove stains, sand and scratch or oil and polish. Even if crushed, you can reshape the material or edge profile and reinstall it.

Stone countertop - Stone countertop is better or artificial

Disadvantages of natural stones


Natural stone needs regular maintenance. It should be sealed or reinforced once or twice a year and cleaned properly.

The aging process

While we believe that natural stone aging process improves over time, it must be admitted that it bothers most people. Natural stone will change throughout its life. This is just a fact. The parts of your stone tables that you use the most will eventually change more.


While natural stones are very durable and have literally stood the test of time, they are not as durable as man-made stones. Because they are prone to staining, scratching and discoloration.


Advantages of artificial stone (quartz) and artificial stone countertops


Quartz is very durable, hard to stain and scratch, and completely resistant to heat.

Repair and maintenance

Quartz does not require maintenance. No need to worry about seals or special cleaners.


Stone countertop - Stone countertop is better or artificial

Disadvantages of quartz


Although technology has come a long way, because of its consistency, you can usually identify man-made rock. Defects in natural stone add to its beauty, but man-made products usually look more perfect and have less variety.


Quartz does not feel good compared to natural stone. This is a normal and artificial feeling.

Being natural

Quartz is a man-made product made from a variety of materials that are not completely natural or organic.

the health

While they are not usually a direct threat to your health, workers who work in factories producing these products have serious health consequences.


Quartz is a relatively new man-made product that competes with natural stones. It is marketed as “indestructible”. But it is not. While it is very durable, it can still stain and scratch.

Repair and maintenance

Eventually, if the quartz is scratched or crushed, it will be more difficult to repair.

As you can see, both natural and artificial stones have advantages and disadvantages, and ultimately it is up to you to choose the beautiful and magnificent natural stone that you like as it matures and ages, or a stylish and unfeeling artificial stone. … !!!

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