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Stone in interior decoration

Stone in interior decoration

Stone in interior decoration

Stone has existed in interior decoration since the past. But in the last few decades, the use of stones in home decoration has decreased and almost except for large and luxurious houses, we have seen less use of them. But they have recently re-entered the market and the main reason is the change in how they are used.

Probably when you think of stone as a decorative element, you imagine a view of large, cold rooms covered with stone from floor to ceiling. Certainly this image can not be a sign of modern designs today.

But these days, the use of stone in decoration has become very different and has become wider, but in smaller volumes. This means that there is no longer a large hall covered with stone, but on one of the walls of the same hall, you see a unique formch design of Aligudarz crystal stone. It means less use and instead more impressive.

Yes, the use of stone has changed. Kitchen tables, wall-mounted toilets behind the TV, wall between cabinets, furniture front tables and many stone elements have been added to the decoration designs and incidentally made it more attractive. Small amounts that affect the eye.

Now we want to take a look at the issue of where and how to make stone in home decoration.

If you want to be ahead of others, this article gives you a list of ways to incorporate stone into your interior design. These are innovative ways to use stone that allow you to experience the classic feel of the decor while being modern.

Kitchen Island

If you include large marble slabs or black marbles or white stones when designing your kitchen, you have definitely made the right decision. Everyone will love to see the natural signs, colors and streaks that are inside the stone.

Stone in interior decoration - Stone in interior decoration

Cabinet plate and wall between cabinets

Stone is much more attractive than ceramic. But it can be scratched, stained and dandruff. In addition, it must be cleaned more carefully. But it is stone anyway, it is luxurious, natural and full of feeling and beauty.

If your choice in this case is stone, then observe the following points:

Try to choose a matte (polished) stone that retains much of its appearance. Seal it annually. Do not allow any acidic substances such as lemon juice or tomatoes to remain on the surface. Use less hard detergents that do less damage.



Stone in interior decoration - Stone in interior decoration

Reception hall

Enter the stone in your reception hall. But do not limit it to the floor or wall. Walls around the fireplace, stone furniture front desks, wall behind the TV and elements such as stone vases will have a tremendous impact on making your living room more beautiful.

Stone in interior decoration - Stone in interior decoration

Bathroom and toilet

The use of stones in the bathroom is an example of luxury. It is literally beautiful. It creates a wonderful feeling. You do not need to go all the way from floor to ceiling. If the budget allows how good. But if you want to make it less expensive, try a beautiful Golden Black marble slab with smaller tiles. Rest assured! It will be unique.

Stone in interior decoration - Stone in interior decoration

Be bold in choosing the color

We are mostly looking for stones with popular colors such as gray, black, white and cream. For once, be bold and choose a different color. Marble is pink, green, gold, blue and other unique colors. Use it and see that you have given pure beauty to your home.

Stone in interior decoration - Stone in interior decoration

Use bookmatch and formch designs

Want to create a beautiful focal point ?! Use the fewest elements in your salon and instead install a stone with a formch or bookmatch design and see how this stone will become the main point of beauty. By doing this, you will make up for all the shortcomings because all the senses will be involved in the formch stone design.

Stone in interior decoration - Stone in interior decoration

Stones in the bedroom

Would you like to have a different bedroom than what you have ever seen ?! Be reckless. Install a pink marble slab or gray crystal on the back of the bed. You will see what an amazing beauty you have created. A unique feeling that can not be achieved with any other material.

Stone in interior decoration - Stone in interior decoration

We hope you find the content useful. We believe that stone in interior decoration can make the house more beautiful and valuable. Stone is the highest quality building material that is less known. Because we are used to a series of specific and limited uses. At Upstone Group, we are trying to introduce the various applications of this natural gift more than before so that more people can use this quality natural material in construction and enjoy their choice.

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