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The best stone for bath and toilet

The best stone for bath and toilet

The best stone for bath and toilet is definitely a stone that is resistant to water penetration. Because water and humidity are always present in these places. In addition, it must have high resistance to acidic, alkaline and corrosive substances. Because the use of detergents and chemicals in these spaces is very common.

That is why wood and metal are not used for these cases. Woods and metals because of their low resistance to two high properties. And this issue has turned them into non-consumable materials in bathrooms and toilets. The best and most economical materials used in baths and toilets are stones.

Select the stone

In order for the stone used in these places to have low water absorption. It has very few pores or porosity so that water does not penetrate into it and does not cause damage to the rock texture.

In addition to the infiltration of water, the smaller the pores of the rock, the less acidic, corrosive and alkaline substances penetrate into it. And it adds more life to the stone.

If you want to use a stone for the floor of your bathroom, you must make sure that the stone used is not slippery. Because when water is poured on it, its slipperiness multiplies and there is a high risk.

The stone used should have high color fastness due to constant contact with water and detergents and its color should not be lost.

In the following, we tried to examine some stones in the bathroom and toilet environment:

Granite is one of the strongest and strongest stones that prevents the penetration of water, chemicals and corrosives. It is better not to use turquoise granite in these places because it has a higher water absorption compared to other granites. Granites are often reasonably priced. The negative feature of granite stones is that they have less elegance and beauty than other stones.

Crystal rock also has good resistance to water, chemicals and corrosives. This stone has bright colors and its use in bathrooms and toilets evokes purity and beauty. The light color of these stones makes them easy to clean.

Onyx Marble is one of the most beautiful and luxurious stones. Due to its higher porosity than crystal and granite rocks, this stone is less resistant to the penetration of water, chemicals and corrosives. In addition, there is the possibility of abrasion and scratches in this stone. If you use this stone, it is better to use it in walls and places that are less exposed to moisture. Onyx Marble is one of the most expensive stones compared to other stones.

Marble is also one of the most beautiful stones and has a great variety. Marble is relatively less resistant to water, chemicals and corrosives than marble. If you want to use marbles, it is better to use them on the walls. The best type of marble for these places are Persian, Dehbid, Golden Black, Marshall and Black Najafabad marble stones.

Travertine has a long life and is not a slippery stone. This stone has a high porosity, so it has little resistance to the penetration of water, chemicals and corrosives. For this reason, it is not suitable for these environments at all, because after a while, they become extremely vulnerable.



If you want to use marble and travertine in these two places, it is better to cover their surface with epoxy resin or nanomaterials to increase their resistance.

Light stones are often used in bathrooms to show a clean environment. But you can also use dark stones in some parts with a special design. In this way, you will have a luxurious, beautiful and clean environment.

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