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Travertine Stone

Travertine Stone

Travertine is a mineral composed of calcium carbonate, usually containing a layer of aragonite or calcite, which is composed of sediment from spring waters, or especially hot springs. Travertine has been used for centuries to build exquisite architectural structures. Buildings that are still standing and its durability and lasting beauty continue to show. This durability and beauty has caused the builders and architects of the building to use it abundantly in construction projects. This natural stone is so versatile that you can use it in any space you want. Travertine is a versatile product because it has different types that help you easily implement your desired style and design.

There are different types of travertines, but here we mention some beautiful and well-known examples.


Travertine Stone - Travertine Stone
Silver Travertine
Travertine Stone - Travertine Stone
Chocolate travertine
Travertine Stone - Travertine Stone
Abbas abad travertine
Travertine Stone - Travertine Stone
Cream travertine

Properties of travertine

  • Extraordinary beauty due to having many holes and protrusions
  • Smooth and polished surface in case of good polishability
  • Existence of many pores that cause good adhesion of mortar
  • Different cuts and processes resulting in different uses
  • High resistance to different weather conditions
  • Suitable thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Beautiful and uniform color
  • Ability to wash properly and no damage
  • Reasonable price to quality ratio

Applications of travertine

Used in the exterior of the building, especially for Roman facades, which are very popular

  • Next to home pools
  • Luxury yard and patios
  • Residential interior flooring
  • Stairs and stair walls
  • Bathrooms and toilets
  • fireplace
  • Kitchen countertop, of course, provided it is well polished.

Travertine quarries

Fortunately, travertine in our beloved country of Iran has many mines and in all parts of this country there is a huge wealth of this gift of nature. The most important and famous mines are located in the following cities:

Mahallat city, which is located in Markazi province and produces more than 50% of the country’s travertine, is the most important of them. Other mines include Sefid Abyaneh, Azarshahr Red, Kashan Chocolate, as well as Hajiabad, Darreh Bukhari, Natanz and Yazd travertines.

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