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What is the best floor stone?

There are many options for choosing the floor material of the building. However, what is installed on the floor of a house, store or public place so that it has a beautiful appearance and has a high resistance and durability, has been and is challenging. Ceramics, parquet, laminate, flooring and stone are the most used. In this article, we try to pay special attention to natural stones. And which stone can be the best choice according to its characteristics. Thus, when you decide to use stone for the floor of the hall, kitchen, lobby or bathroom, you can easily make the best choice by referring to what has been said. So join us.

Undoubtedly, Onyx marble is the oldest and most famous stone in the world. Unparalleled beauty and splendor and desirable resistance make it an irreplaceable option. That is why it has long been used in palaces, holy places and even luxury houses. Using Onyx marble as a floor stone can be a very attractive choice and create a luxurious and beautiful atmosphere. But the high price of this stone has caused it to be only for specific uses and classes. However, if you do not have a problem with the price of this stone, it is definitely a great option.

Onyx Marble features:

Pure beauty

Unparalleled color variety

Cold resistant

light reflection


The best floor stone - What is the best floor stone?

Travertine stone is mostly used for the exterior of the building due to its many pores. Because these cavities make the mortar adhere well to the stone and do not cause problems for the facade for many years. But these days, with the advancement of technology and the production of chemicals such as resin and epoxy and even nanomaterials, this attractive natural stone can also be used on the floor of the building. So you can use resin and epoxy fillers to smooth its surface and thus be used on the floor of the hall or other spaces. Travertine is a symbol of pristine nature and creates a feeling of naturalness more than any other stone in the viewer.

Travertine features:

It has a high water absorption, so it requires a lot of care

Fixed color

Resistant to cold and frost

Very suitable for interior decoration because it looks very lush.

Vulnerable to impact

Marble can combine the antiquity and splendor of nature with modern day styles. That is, it is able to create both classic and luxury spaces, as well as minimal and modern. And it’s up to you. The variety of colors and designs in this natural stone is more than other stones, so you can easily choose according to the style of architecture and decoration. Perhaps the only drawback to this stone is the large differences in the physical parameters of this category. For example, Lashtar marble has a very high abrasion resistance, while Josheghan marble, despite its beauty and uniformity, has a low abrasion resistance. So the point that you should consider when choosing marble as a floor stone is to examine the physical parameters of the stone.

Marble features:

Relatively high resistance to impact and pressure

Polished and uniform surface

Eye-catching beauty

The price is right

Large range of physical parameters

Crystal stone is known as porcelain stone in Iran. This natural stone is usually found in bright colors. Light color with gray and ashy streaks. Stone with low water absorption and good strength. This stone is an ideal option for use on the floor of the building. It can even be installed in toilets.

Perhaps the only problem with the crystal is the staining on it. For example, spilling cherry syrup on the surface will be difficult to clean.

Crystal features:

It is beautiful and has a light color

Acceptable physical parameters

The price is right

Create stains

If you are looking for a natural stone that you can install on the floor without any worries and it has not changed for years, your choice should definitely be granite. A beautiful and wonderful stone that is unparalleled in resistance. This stone is resistant to cold, heat, pressure, abrasion and whatever you can think of. It does not matter if it is indoor or outdoor. Suitable for flooring any space. If you want to use granite for outdoor space, it is better to perform a film (heating) operation on it to eliminate its slipperiness.

It can be said that granite is the best floor stone for a building, if its appearance is to your liking.

Granit features:

The most durable stone

Polished surface

Very low porosity

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