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You may be wondering why stone, and the answer is that you definitely want to design and renovate the exterior of your space, so you need an environment that is taken from the heart of nature and conveys a good feeling to you. Join us in this article to give you some reasons to use stone.

Landscaping stone feature

The first thing you should consider is the durability of the rock, so the rock used should be resistant to heat and cold pressure and also have low water absorption due to rainfall.

Material of stone used

The type of stone is one of the important points that should be considered because it will not have good consequences if neglected.

The stone used in the floor, despite its unique texture, should prevent people from slipping and slipping. chiselled) because it separates the stone from the uniform appearance in three ways

- Landscaping
- Landscaping

Types of stones for landscaping

Granite is one of the most popular and best-selling stones for landscaping. The nature of this stone is hard and without porosity, and it is compatible with all climatic conditions.

The best berti stone around the pool is travertine. This stone is located in the distance between limestone and marble. The attractive and lovely surface of this stone makes you interested in walking barefoot on this stone.

This stone is dense and is known as a hard and dense stone that has a soft texture. It should only be noted that this stone is not recommended in cold and icy places.

Crystal stones (Chinese stones)
One of the landscaping stones is crystal stone. This stone is used due to its high resistance to weather conditions outside the building, which can be mentioned in the flooring of the yard. The best use of this stone in flooring is with the sound of grinding, ax and bushhammer.

Marble chips (colored sand)
These types of stones are offered in different dimensions in the market and have a great variety in terms of color and are one of the best choices for landscaping and landscaping. Which can be used around swimming pools, cobblestones or in front of villas. Marble chips can be used with glue as a facade.

Pebble or river stone
Pebbles or river stones are one of the best materials for landscaping that are used in different dimensions and colors. 

- Landscaping
- Landscaping

Other uses of stones in landscaping

Landscaping is designed, reconstructed and built for a space for peace and a good feeling, and in addition to making the property valuable, it can also be used as stone elements, benches, fountains and beautiful sculptures in the desired space. And take the feeling of nature with us to our place and place of living as much as possible.

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