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Comparison of marble and onyx marble

Comparison of marble and onyx marble

Comparison of marble and onyx marble

Most people confuse these two stones with each other. Some people think that these two stones are the same, but you should know that you are sorely mistaken. Marble and onyx  marble are very different and in no way similar or identical. In order not to confuse these two stones, in the following, we will tell you the difference between these two stones.

Differences in formation

Onyx marble   is a type of metamorphic rock that is obtained from the metamorphism of limestone. Sedimentary rocks such as limestone with heat and deep burial are so-called metamorphic and form a family of metamorphic rocks of which marble is a part. This is while marble itself is from the family of sedimentary stones (limestone) and this is the difference in the formation of these two types of stones. This stone is one of the stones that shows great resistance to heat. Marble is vulnerable to acid and deforms in the presence of changes in climatic conditions. For this reason, this type of stone is mostly used inside the building.

As mentioned, marble has a calcareous property and has a relatively high absorption, so its use is not recommended in places such as baths where there is runoff.

Differences in beauty and gloss

Onyx Marble comes in a variety of colors including white, gray, black, green, purple, yellow and red. But the color of pure Onyx marble is clear white. It is also the main constituent of calcite Onyx marble, which is the most stable form of calcium carbonate.

This mineral has large and distinct crystals that cause Onyx marble to pass light in the opposite way. In such a way that when you put light behind the Onyx marble, you can easily see it from the front of the stone, which the architects use this issue in their designs, and put beautiful lighting behind the Onyx marble and the effect of the stone. And they double your building.

For this reason, the price of Onyx marble was higher than that of marble. It also has a very high beauty, polish and transparency.

Marble can be considered as a kind of Onyx marble, but it has less strength and lower price than Onyx marble. In appearance, marble stones have beautiful designs and colors that may not be found in Onyx marble. Like the Golden Black or Golden Galaxy stones, which are very special and beautiful.

Differences in application

The use of Onyx marble is primarily in stone artifacts such as sculptures, decorative utensils, etc. Secondly, it will be used as the interior stone of the building, such as walls, floor stones and interior facades, which usually use slabs of this stone. Due to the high price of this stone, it will be used more in luxury and stylish buildings. Such as: hotels, restaurants, halls, lobbies, etc. Also, the walls and floors of most religious buildings are made of marble.

The use of marble is almost the same as Onyx marble, with the difference that marble is used primarily in buildings. Which can be used in interior and exterior facades as flooring and secondarily as stone artifacts such as sculptures and decorative utensils. Is used.

Differences in the type of polished

Marble can be used in two modes, polished depending on the user. If Onyx marble is always used with a glossy polished .

Differences in cut and dimensions

Onyx Marble is often cut into slabs or tiles. While marble is cut lengthwise, slabs and tiles in large and small dimensions.

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